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 Support Joomla 1.0
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Want to display Yahoo Stocks on your web sites in a scrolling marquee fashion (stock ticker)? Scrolling Stock is a unique product to suite your needs. It has the following features:

  1. Ajax technology to refresh the data data.
  2. Displaying data in scrolling marquee fashion.

You, as the website administrator, can customize the stock you want to track. Ajax Stock supports any stock symbols used by Yahoo Finance. You can even include the international stocks and options.

Please Note, Scrolling Stock uses tag for scrolling effect. Marquee is a none-standard HTML tag. Currently Firefox, IE and Chrome has no issue with it. However, there is no guarantee that future versions will still support marquee tag.

To use the tool, publish the module and place it to the places where you want to display stocks.

Depending on your installation of Joomla, you can choose either one of the following two options.

Scrolling Stock for Joomla
There is a $15 charge for the script. Future updates are free!

For Joomla 1.0x
For Joomla 1.5x
For Joomla 1.6x and 1.7x

Paid, But Not Receiving File?

We automatically email you the zipped program after we have received Paypal notification. Please make sure your email account accepts ZIP attachment and please check your spam folder.

Scrolling Stock Tutorial

Please check the following page on how to use Scrolling Stock module and it dynamic parameters.

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