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Quick IPN

Have some digital goods to sell? Quick IPN is a Paypal IPN solution that can be used to deliver digital goods automatically. Quick IPN is a standalone solution with friendly user interface and Joomla and WordPress user registration integration.

Quick IPN works with any PayPal front end on individual Item Number basis, except Paypal Shopping cart or Subscription.

To use Quick IPN, you need to configure Paypal's Instant Payment Notification settings at your profile page.

Main Features include:

1. Multiple Delivery Mechanism. Quick IPN can be configured to deliver digital goods in different way. In particular, you can configure Quick IPN to send digital goods via email attachments or secret URLs and etc. You can also configure Quick IPN to create Joomla or WordPress user accounts automatically and send the payer account information.

2. Detection against abuse. Quick IPN checks transactions to make sure the payment is really from Paypal and the payment is completed with the right amount.

3. Simple Configuration UI. Quick IPN is designed for simple use. You can configure multiple products, with their own unique Item Numbers, to have different delivery options. The configuration help text is immediately available at the configuration tool.

4. Standalone Solution. Quick IPN is stand alone and requires only PHP to be operational. Even though Quick IPN is integrated with Joomla, Joomla is not required. Although we do provide a version that is integrated with Joomla Installer for Joomla sites.

For only $25, Quick IPN can help you automate the digital goods delivery.

Quick IPN Standalone Edition

Quick IPN for Joomla Installer


Paid, But Not Receiving File?

We automatically email you the zipped program after we have received Paypal notification. Please make sure your email account accepts ZIP attachment and please check your spam folder.

Quick IPN Tutorial

Please check the following page on how to setup Quick IPN and how Quick IPN configuration screen looks like.

Tutorial Link

Screen Link