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 Joom!Fish is the solution for your multilingual website if control over the translations matters for you. Joom!Fish comes with a basic router system plugin to do the language detection based on plugin settings.

We have modified the JF Router, based on Joom!Fish Router Plugin v2.01, to include language detection based on user IP address. Joomla 1.5x ONLY. IP to Country database is as of Feb 28, 2009.

Here is how it works:

1. Install our modified plugin, by unzip the program file and overwrite the original Joom!Fish plugin under $joomla/plugins/system

2. Enable the plugin and set the"Language selection for new visitors" parameter to "Use IP/Countr"

3. When a brand new user comes to the web site, we will try figure out the user language setting based on the visitor's IP address and IP to Country database. (The country to language mapping is under $joomla/plugins/system/jfrouter/ip_files/countries.php)

4. If the language based on his country is an active language in Joom!Fish, we will set the Joom!Fish language cookie to that language. In all other cases, the modified plugin will behave as if the "Language selection for new visitors" parameter is set to "Browser Settings"

5. The modified plugin behaves the same way as the Joom!Fish version if the user is not a new visitor to the site.

To download, please use our Free download section.

Screen Shot:

Screen Shot