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Hover Bot

Support Joomla 1.0    View demo

With Joomla Hover Bot, you can easily create fancy hover effects without knowing too much about CSS or JavaScript. When using the bot, you can specify the base text/image and the text/image when the mouse is hovering over the base. Typically, you use the following syntax: {hoverbot Base_HTML} Hover_HTML {/hoverbot}.

Please note, both the base_html and hover_html could be any HTML code blocks. Thus, you can create all kinds of special effects, such as the ones used by NetFlix. If you want to specify your customized CSS style for hover over, you can configure the CSS parameter via the bot configuration screen

Depending on your installation of Joomla, you can choose either one of the following two options.


HoverBot for Joomla

HoverBot, version 1.0, is Free. You can download it from our download section. This version is the initial release of the script and supports limited features.

For more advanced versions, there is a $5 charge for the script. Future updates are free!

For Joomla 1.0x
For Joomla 1.5x
For Joomla 1.6x and 1.7x

Paid, But Not Receiving File?

We automatically email you the zipped program after we have received Paypal notification. Please make sure your email account accepts ZIP attachment and please check your spam folder.

Free Download Available

For this product, we provide a free basic version for Joomla 1.0x. You can get it from our Free Download section.

HoverBot Tutorial

Please check the following page on how to use HoverBot plugin and it dynamic parameters.

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