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Easy Paypl

Support Joomla 1.0  Support Joomla 1.6Support Joomla 1.7Support Joomla 2.5Support Joomla 3.0
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There are many Paypal modules or bots available. Why choose HyBing's Easy Paypal?

Easy Paypal is a Joomla plugin, using {easypaypal} syntax, with following unqiue features:

  1. You can set the Paypal parameters using default Joomla bot configuration screen, as well as, setting the parameters dynamically in the content.
  2. Easy Paypal also support multiple Paypal buttons on the same page with different parameters.
  3. You can set the parameters for email address, dollar amount, currency, itemname, itemnumber, quantity, handling, shipping, shipping2, showquantity, no_note, cn, button, return, cancel_return, on0, os0, on1, os1 or a combination of the above. 
  4. Easy Paypal supports all Paypal currencies and all major parameters. Easy Paypal also supports additional parameters to give your more flexibility.
  5. Easy Paypal supports regular payment, shopping cart, subscription and sea.
  6. Easy Paypal supports many subscription related parameters: (cmd_type=subscription), Trial 1 amount, period, and period unit, (a1, p1, t1), Trial 2 amount , period, and period unit (a2, p2, t2), Regular amount, period, and period unit (a3, pt3, t3), Recurring payments (src), Reattempt on failure (sra) and Recurring Times (srt).

Depending on your installation of Joomla, you can choose either one of the following options.

Easy Paypal for Joomla

Easy Paypal, version 1.0, is Free. You can download it from our download section. This version is the initial release of the script and supports limited features.

For more advanced versions, there is a $10 charge for the script. Future updates for each Joomla track are free!

For Joomla 1.0x
For Joomla 1.5x
For Joomla 1.6x/1.7x
For Joomla 2.5x/3.0x

Once we received Paypal payment notification, we will automatically email you the program zip file. If you do not receive it in time, please make sure your email address accepts ZIP attachment and please check your spam folder.

Combined with Quick IPN, You can automate the order fulfilling processing if your products are digital goods. For a limited time, we are offering HyBing Paypal bundle for only $35. The bundle includes Easy Paypal for Joomla 1.0x/1.5x/1.6x/2.5x and Quick IPN.


Paid, But Not Receiving File?

We automatically email you the zipped program after we have received Paypal notification. Please make sure your email account accepts ZIP attachment and please check your spam folder.

Free Download Available

For this product, we provide a free basic version for Joomla 1.0x. You can get it from our Free Download section.

Easy Paypal Tutorial

Please check the following page on how to use Easy Paypal plugin and it dynamic parameters.

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