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EZ Paypal Gift Certificate Tutorial PDF Print E-mail

To use EZ Paypal Gift Certificate plugin, you have to install the plugin, configure and enable it first. Then, you can have "{ezpaypalgift}" in your article to have Paypal button shown. Please NOTE, the text MUST be in plain text, with no formatting, such as bold or italic. Examples below will have the text in bold to prevent the text being rendered.

Use the Extension

Dynamic Parameters



To enable this plugin:

Install the bot, configure it and then publish it.

 You can configure the default bot behaviors using Joomla plugin configuration screen.

when placing the bot in the content, you can use {ezpaypalgift} for default configuration or use {ezpaypalgift parameter1=value1,parameter2=value2,parameter3=value3....} format for each content.

Parameters are separated by comma, without any space in between. When setting email address in parameter, please remove any HTML tags around the email address added by Joomla.

Dynamic parameters:

address This parameter specifies the account in which Paypal payment will be made to. You can use email address or merchant ID.
gift_type Gift certificates are available for sale in two amount types , set or fixed amount. The Set Amount option allows you to sell gift certificates in preset denominations for a given currency. The gift certificate purchaser will choose the desired denomination from a drop-down menu. The Fixed Amount option allows you to sell gift certificates for one specified amount.
amount The amount of the gife certificate.
currency The accepted currency symbol for the amount. We accept all Paypal currencies.
Minimum denominations
max_denom Maximum denominations
shopping_url Your Shopping URL is the web address where you want your gift certificate recipients to go to redeem their gift certificates.
logo_url You can display your business logo or any other image in the upper left-hand corner of your gift certificates. For best results, the image should be 45 pixels high and 295 pixels wide.
style_color You can choose either a color or a theme for your gift certificates. If you do not specify a color or theme, your gift certificates will have blue background. Paypal offers Blue (BLU) , Orange (ORA), Green (GRE) and Purple (PUR) colors.
button Button image, such as:


make sure plugin is in plain text, with no formatting. Examples below has "ezpaypalgift" in bold.

Using default EZ Paypal Gift Certificate bot settings.


Using following dynamic content configuration, for fixed amount:

{ezpaypalgift gift_type=fixed,currency=CAD,amount=100, shopping_url=, logo_url=, button=,style_color=Purple}

Using following dynamic content configuration, for set amount:

{ezpaypalgift gift_type=set,currency=CAD,min_denom=5,max_denom=200,shopping_url=, logo_url=, button=,style_color=orange}