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To use Ajax Stock module, you have to install the module, configure and enable it first. Then you need to associate it with the menu items where you want the module to be shown

Use the Extension

Dynamic Parameters



To use this module:

Install the module, configure it and then publish it.

 Associate the module with the menu items where you want the module to be shown.

Key Features:

 We add the stock rename function in the mod_ajaxstock_lang.php file, which can be easily modified to rename stock names. In addition, we now set the CSS style to the template_css.css of the current Joomla template.
 We add the option to display either stock price change or stock price percentage change.
 Ajax Stock supports both fopen and curl methods to retrieve stock data. In addition, Version 1.7.3 uses a language file so that site managers to modify it for language selection.
 We enhances browser detection, shows/hides table header and shows Up/Down arrow before or after the price change.
 We fixes the issue where sometime IE and Firefox will cache the stock daya, so ajax page will not display updated stock information.
 We add a IFrame option to support for Hover Over stock charts.
 Ajax stock now has two release tracks, one for Joomla 1.0x and one for Joomla 1.5x.
 You can now have the option for stock up and down image.
 Ajax Stock now supports company names with comma in it.
 Yahoo currency exchange rate is supported. For example, USDEUR=X will be used as the symbol for USD and Euro exchange rate
 For Stock Intraday chart, we now support both popup and hover over
 Now supports module class_sfx, so that you can supply your own CSS style sheet.
 More data fields, and data fields can be selected.
 Added stock chart support
 Company Name is now supported
 You can specify a list of stocks you want to track, separated by "+", such as IBM+GOOG. If you are interestd in the exchange rate data, you can use format such as IBM+GOOG+USDJPY=X
 You can specify how often you want to stock quotes to be updated.
 We uses Ajax so that updating stock quotes will NOT refresh the whole page.
 Stock quotes is almost real time, limited by Yahoo's stock time delay (usually 15-20 minutes)


Ajax Stock